Nitric oxide is a chemical messenger for the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the “rest”
part of our autonomic nervous system. So many of us, so much of the time stay in sympathetic
nervous system, “fight or flight”. This is our stress mode, we are anxious, nervous, drinking
caffeine etc and releasing a lot of cortisol. It is believed the cortisol is highly inflammatory and a
large contributor to our degenerative conditions (this doesnt affect just older populations!).
National Institutes of Health has claimed that “95% of all disease is rooted in stress”. This is
shocking, yet sadly is understandable. Being educated in biology of stress, mechanisms and
outcomes on the body is actually quite devastating. Stress absolutely has a connection with our
immune system and overall health and well-being. By using light therapy, the body uses the NO
to help balance out our nervous system, helps us feel more relaxed and calm and should even
improve healthier sleep patterns. Scientific research supports the light therapy helps cells
become more tolerant to stress, aids in preventing free-radical build-up, encourages anti-oxidant
activity, activates cell defense systems which all result in healthier functioning cells that are
more resilient and allow us to feel more energized with an improved overall sense of well-being.
Light therapy increases circulation and encourages lymphatic activity which results in releasing
more toxins from our body.
Some clients have been able to reduce or discontinue their prescription anxiety medications
using light therapy and incorporating other stress management techniques.