As mentioned above under stress relief, the biocellular changes from using PBM are supporting
of healthy immune system, improved recovery, improved feeling of well-being. Scientific
research supports the light therapy helps cells become more tolerant to stress, aids in
preventing free-radical build-up, encourages anti-oxidant activity, activates cell defense systems
which all result in healthier functioning cells that are more resilient. Using light therapy on a daily
or a few times a week even if not for pain or stress or performance, should certainly be
considered as a natural healing, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle tool.
These biocellular changes are unique to PBM and given its versatility, various uses, safety
profile, research and scientific support, this technology is unmatched by any medical
Regardless of condition or need for light therapy, PBM helps to support healing processes and
increases circulation, which alone are very valuable, positive effects on our health. Along with a
wealth of additional benefits to support optimal living, how can you NOT afford light therapy for
relief of your pain and stress, and improvement of your health and wellness?